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Discussion Post: Emma, Volume II

Yeah... I got nothing, and I'm headed to bed. But! I thought someone else might have conscious thoughts about Emma and her self-assigned mission in life, so I wanted to put up a post in which to collect them. Discuss away!! I shall come back to add my thoughts when I have some.



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Mar. 10th, 2008 04:34 am (UTC)
*tackle hearts* Thanks for making the post. <333 And when I catch up, I'll be here with thoughts. ^_^
Mar. 13th, 2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
I have commented! So you know. ^_^
Mar. 13th, 2008 10:57 pm (UTC)
Okay, I am finally getting to this, and only days until the next is due. Ah, well.

I must say, I am very impressed by Austen’s dialog. These people talk unendingly. About nothing at all. Which is what she is trying to get across, I think, so her ability to write it is impressive to me.

And the gossip! We think today that we have no privacy, but I keep many more things to myself than anyone in Emma’s society is able to do. And that it is very expected. Her reproach of Jane Fairfax for not having more to say about the gossip of Mr. Elton’s marriage showed that it is absolutely the correct thing to do, for if nothing else, Emma is always quite aware of doing the very correct thing. It is just as well that women did not work, other than as governesses, because it must take all their time to keep on top of all the gossip and all the proprieties, etc. Too much for me!

Poor Jane Fairfax, trying to tell Mrs. Elton to stop ‘helping’ her was a case in point. Really, it was at the point where she needed to just tell her to shut up and butt out! And that is coming from me! ^___^ Well, I might not have a particular temper, but I’ve never been anyone’s doormat.

Let’s see. Oh, Mr. Knightly, I do enjoy you so! I wish we could have some of the story from his point of view. I bet he takes such pleasure in watching Emma at work. And in his gentle teasing of her, and his attempts to guide her growth as a person.

Actually, the ‘guiding’ that goes on throughout the book, by which I actually mean ‘manipulation,’ is amusing. Emma is constantly talking her father around to an agreeable way of thinking, for her, often with help from one of the others. And Mr. Knightly quite neatly manipulated Emma into practically demanding to spend every moment of the day with her nephews at the end of the selected reading. I suppose they had nothing better to do than to become quite good at asserting their will through sharp wit.

And Mr. Frank Churchill! Such a gossip himself. I don’t think he and Emma were very good influences upon one another. Too alike, I think, and their speculations tended to get meaner with each other’s encouragement. I loved the end of Ch. 30 (or v.2, ch.12 in my book) when he was trying to confess his feelings (maybe?) and Emma wouldn’t let him. Poor little duck. I look so forward to comparing him to his counterpart in Clueless. ^_^ And then Emma’s description of being in love was awesome. Let’s see… ?This sensation of listlessness, weariness, stupidity, this disinclination to sit down and employ myself, this feeling of every thing’s being dull and insipid about the house! - I must be in love; I should be the oddest creature in the world if I were not - for a few weeks at least. For a few weeks at least!!! And then the very next chapter is my favorite, with her cataloging her own reactions and trying to figure out what she feels. And thinking that if this is her one love of her life, that she got off very easy.^__^

I do think that as she tries to be the very best person she can be, that she is becoming more so. I like her more and more. I can see why Mr. Knightly is biding his time until she is what he see that she can be. Well, this is what I think he is thinking.^_^ I’m still ignoring his age, by the way. I suppose it is not SO bad, but I’d prefer if he were in his early thirties, rather than his late. Eh.

What else? Oh, Mr. John Knightly. I like him. His astonishment that Mr. Weston came to the party rather than go home and rest, and Emma knowing that he might not be very happy that they were having a dinner party on one of the days of his visits, make me think him the most alike my own way of thinking.

Hm, and here I thought I had so little to say. ^___^

Onto the last, and I believe, longest volume. *looks* Well, hardly by much.

Addendum: v.3 has a bunch of Mr. Knightly pov!!! Yay!! And, oh snap!! He puts Mrs. Elton in her place! Woo-hoo!! Not that she notices...
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