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Turn of the Screw

Heehee! I don't know how many of you remember that this comm exists or what we used to read on here. I was reading a lit discussion that cleolinda had posted this morning here. And it reminded me of the fun we had here trying to interpret that story.

La, looking back on it, I so wish you all could have been in my English classes in school. We so would have gotten our asses expelled. XD

Perhaps we've been taking the wrong tack with this comm?

The Mallville Library tries to organize a 'Community Read.'

Discussion Post: Emma and Clueless

About time, yeah? So, I actually watched Clueless... two weeks ago? Maria and I watched the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma the night before, so she could play compare and contrast with me.^^ Funny enough, when we turned the tv back on, PBS was showing their version of Emma, and we watched the last half hour of that, too.^____^ It was an Emma weekend.

Okay, so there is the elementary version of compare/contrast that consists of two lists, things similar, and things different, and then the high school version of an actual essay choosing certain points and blah, blah. I was going to aim for something rather in between (notice I've said nothing about giving it the ol' college try...) but that's why it has taken me so long to post, as I've not gotten around to doing anything more than the list I made while watching Clueless. So, here it is, the list. I will be most happy to enter into any discussion someone else feels like starting, of course.

Without further ado: The ListCollapse )

Okay, feel free to add to the list, or argue with the list, or actually write out sentences.

If anyone has any ideas for a new read, maybe we can start something new in May. Thoughts?

Discussion Post: Emma, Volume III

*claps and dances* Yay, everything works out! ^__^

I have to laugh at Mr. Knightly though. I had been telling Maria about his putting Mrs. Elton in her place, and she had asked if we like Mr. Knightly, and I said oh, yes, we like him very much and, if not for his age, I would think him absolutely perfect for Emma, and they only needed to both realize it. And she said, as far as age, that at least he hasn’t been pining for her since she was 12. (Maria heard much about my upset with Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.) So when Mr. Knightly said, very sweetly, that he thinks he’s loved her since she turned 13, I laughed. It was such a sweet thing to say, in the moment, and as he waited until she was 22 to act on it, I won’t think to badly of him for it. Certainly I’ve seen young people who I think will grow up fine. I just am not usually planning on having them for myself someday. And, well… I am very aware of how much a hypocrite I am with the whole age thing. #^_^#

I had so much more enjoyment out of v.3 than I did from v.1, I am tempted to go back and read the first again. It took me some time to get into the style and rhythm of the writing. And I was distracted and rushing through it. Most of volume 2, then, I listened to on cd on my trip on Wednesday. Hearing it read by some body else eased by right into all that I had had trouble with before. Really, I think if I had encountered so much of Miss Bates prattle in written word only, I should have gotten discouraged. It was much more fun to listen to.^^ And I liked it so well, that I immediately started on v.3, in hopes to finish by Sunday… and read the whole rest of the book on Thursday night. And into Friday morning. I don’t know what time, as I declined to look at the clock and confirm my idiocy. I could have enjoyed the last chapters as much on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I am sure.

Well, this is a rather poor discussion. Hopefully someone has more to add.

Next week Clueless?

Discussion Post: Emma, Volume II

Yeah... I got nothing, and I'm headed to bed. But! I thought someone else might have conscious thoughts about Emma and her self-assigned mission in life, so I wanted to put up a post in which to collect them. Discuss away!! I shall come back to add my thoughts when I have some.


Amnesty Week

I meant to do this earlier in the week, but... fail.

Anyway, skylark97 and I decided to call this an amnesty week for Emma and give everyone, us included, a chance to catch up. This is supposed to be fun, after all, not stressful. So if anyone was on the verge of giving up in the face of being behind, rally yourselves! You've another week!

Catch up to where, though, is the next bit. Should we break it up further? Or plan on reading Vol.2 for next week, and finishing the book the week after? Please comment with thoughts.

Also, once you've read most of Vol.1, please add to the discussion. ^___^

Slightly off-topic: Probably far too long for us to read here (though M and Sky managed It...) but for your own reading pleasure, I thought I'd pass on that Neil Gaiman's American Gods is now available free online.

Discussion Post: Emma Chapters 1-18

Okay, so the subject lies. I only got to 14 before my eyes started crossing. (I want a normal job where I get the weekends off. ;_;)

So, you know, feel free to jump in and fill in the huge gaping blanks I leave behind.

Discuss, discuss!Collapse )

So...your thoughts? (Feel free to explain all the things I'm missing in either ignorance or exhaustion...) ^_^;;

OMG, I'm so behind on all things lj. I'm only posting this right now because I work the morning/day shift tomorrow and won't be home until around 4:30. X_x;; *sigh*

Hey, long time no read! ^_^

So, in honor of the fact that PBS's Masterpiece Theatre has been showing the novels of Jane Austen lately, I'd picked up a book of her books, and in a chat with mechante_fille we decided it might be fun to revive this comm to read Emma and then at the end of reading, do a little compare and contrast with the movie Clueless just for kicks.

So, with that in mind, here are a couple of places you can find the book online if you don't want to go out to the library or the bookstore to get it:

Emma on the Gutenberg project

Emma at austen.com

I figure the schedule will go something like:

Feb 24: Volume 1 (Chapters 1-18)
March 3: Volume 2 (Chapters 19-36)
March 10: Volume 3 (Chapters 37-55)
March 17: Clueless Compare & Contrast

Anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions? Objections? ^_^
Poll #1011855 Next readings

Which story for the Short Story Interlude?

The Monkey's Paw
The Lady or the Tiger
Desiree's Baby
To Build a Fire

The Next Story to read?

Jane Eyre
Brave New World
Mordred: Bastard Son
A selection of stories from Smoke and Mirrors
La! So, I suck monkey eggs and have neglected this poor comm something fierce.

In theory, I should have read two more chapters in addition to this, but I didn't. So, you get this one.

So! The new schedule for readings:

July 1: Tellus Stabilita, Saeculum Aureum
July 7: Disciplina Augusta, Patientia
July 14: Short story interlude

Discussion!Collapse )