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I remember why I wanted to come back and read this someday. I find Yourcenar's writing positively yummy! ...and yet very dense. Also, I am finding that every few paragraphs I want to set it down and just ponder what I've read.

I'm very glad, now, that I have my own copy to read. I have written all over it. ^_^ I hope this doesn't offend any of my fellow bibliophiles... (When I read Tarzan I kept very neat little notes on paper and stuck them in the book... too lazy for that this time around).

As I was saying, I have been putting it down often, so I haven't actually quite finished today's assignment, but here's my thoughts so far.

Animula Vagula BlandulaCollapse )

Okay, I'm nowhere near finishing Varius Multiplex Multiformis, so I'm going to hope that someone else has something to say about it today or someday soon. :)

PS - Feel free to hate this book. (As if you need my permission. *rolls eyes*) I disliked Turn of the Screw almost entirely b/c of the writing style and the batshit crazy lady, and this one is odd, too, and I loves it. Perhaps there really is no accounting for taste. XD


It looks like The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is the winner.

See you all tomorrow to hear your thoughts! ^_^ Happy reading!!
The Reader's Choice Short Story Interlude is coming up this Sunday! (...Sunday! ...Sunday!)

Let your voice be heard:

Poll #998205 Choices, Choices...

Which story do you want to read/discuss this Sunday?

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell
The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Stockton
The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs
To Build A Fire by Jack London
Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin

These were chosen from our current 'to-read' list based on their availability online. If you have ideas for short stories that are not on the to-read list, please leave a comment here or here, and we'll be sure to include it in the next poll.^_^

Scheduling Suggestion

Hey all!! I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted as of late. I suggest that we finish Hero of Our Time this coming Sunday, and then maybe even have another short story interlude before starting Memoirs of Hadrian.

If others want to just move ahead as scheduled, I'll do my best to keep up. ^_^


*is dog dead tired*

So, today is Sunday, and we should be having a discussion post. Who knows, we might still have a discussion post, but it will not be done by me today because I haven't read and I'm too tired to make the written word makes sense in my head. ^_^;;

This weeks assignment was Bela and Maksim Maksimich of A Hero of Our Time. (I did find another online addition of it here for those who find the gutenburg txt version clunky and hard to read.)

If no discussion post gets done today or tomorrow, there will definitely be one by me on Tuesday when I have the day off and the time and energy to do some reading. ^_^

Just thought I'd throw that out there for the procrastinators like me who put this off until Sunday night. ^_^;;

Free Books!!!

Hello fellow book clubbers! Up next we have two weeks of Russian Hero worship, available free thanks to the wonders of the internet and public domain. See the info page for the schecule.

While you are there, you may note that after those two weeks we will be reading Memoirs of Hadrian, which is not available free, and is not necessarily available in libraries. Amazon has it, from $5 for a used copy.

Or, one lucky person can borrow my personal copy by replying here. I have already borrowed a copy from work, so I would be happy to mail my copy to whomever wants it.

Let me know!