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Discussion Post: Emma, Volume III

*claps and dances* Yay, everything works out! ^__^

I have to laugh at Mr. Knightly though. I had been telling Maria about his putting Mrs. Elton in her place, and she had asked if we like Mr. Knightly, and I said oh, yes, we like him very much and, if not for his age, I would think him absolutely perfect for Emma, and they only needed to both realize it. And she said, as far as age, that at least he hasn’t been pining for her since she was 12. (Maria heard much about my upset with Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.) So when Mr. Knightly said, very sweetly, that he thinks he’s loved her since she turned 13, I laughed. It was such a sweet thing to say, in the moment, and as he waited until she was 22 to act on it, I won’t think to badly of him for it. Certainly I’ve seen young people who I think will grow up fine. I just am not usually planning on having them for myself someday. And, well… I am very aware of how much a hypocrite I am with the whole age thing. #^_^#

I had so much more enjoyment out of v.3 than I did from v.1, I am tempted to go back and read the first again. It took me some time to get into the style and rhythm of the writing. And I was distracted and rushing through it. Most of volume 2, then, I listened to on cd on my trip on Wednesday. Hearing it read by some body else eased by right into all that I had had trouble with before. Really, I think if I had encountered so much of Miss Bates prattle in written word only, I should have gotten discouraged. It was much more fun to listen to.^^ And I liked it so well, that I immediately started on v.3, in hopes to finish by Sunday… and read the whole rest of the book on Thursday night. And into Friday morning. I don’t know what time, as I declined to look at the clock and confirm my idiocy. I could have enjoyed the last chapters as much on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I am sure.

Well, this is a rather poor discussion. Hopefully someone has more to add.

Next week Clueless?